A guide to Sorrento

A guide to Sorrento
What to do, what to see & what to eat…

“Sorrento Advisor” is a guide which offers you information on how to get the most out of your stay here in Sorrento. Loads of advise on how to get around & what to see while you are here, the best restaurants to try and the main sights that Sorrento & the surrounding area has to offer. If you are looking for more information on local traditions & produce we suggest you look at our “local info” section, where you will find things such as how we make limoncello, the process of making extra virgin olive oil, cheeses that are made in this area & local desserts!

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How to
get to

There are many different ways totravel to Sorrento If you are someone who like to take it easy (and not drive!) the best way is to come by train from Naples. This direct service will get you here in about 50 minutes. For the sea lovers, you can get a direct hydrofoil over the bay of Naples, leaving from the Naples port of Beverello, this takes around 45 minutes. This is an easier journey if you do not have a lot of luggage with you – and an amazing way to see the view as you get closer to the Sorrentine Peninsula. And lastly there is also the option of hiring a private car transfer – (you can consult the list of private hire firms).

Scopri come arrivare a Sorrento

How to get around in Sorrento

Train, car, bus, moped, bike or on foot…

Sorrento is a fantastic town, with breathtaking views, characteristic streets, a historical centre full of history with huge antique doorways & churches from years gone by. Everything revolves around the historical centre which is on the heart of town, and please be aware, especially in the summer months traffic can get quite heavy.
What I recommend is that whenever possible head out on foot, on a moped or a hire a bike.
Sorrento’s layout means that nearly all the places of interest are nearby, so on foot you can really get to know the town.

Ideal for reaching the Pompeii ruins and the main archaeological sites

Perhaps the least efficient way to get around, but certainly the most used.

Traveling by bus is the cheapest way to visit Sorrento and the Sorrento peninsula

The scooter is the most efficient means of transport for getting around Sorrento

Bikes are ideal for getting around the historic center.

In Sorrento almost all the places of interest of are close to each other, moving on foot means dwelling on every detail of the city.

  • Have a stroll in the historical town centre and wander down to the Cloisters of San Francesco
  • Take in a Tarantella show
  • Admire the mural by Jorit in honor of Lucio Dalla
  • Taste some local limoncello in one of the lemon groves where it is produced
  • Listen to a local fisherman explain the story of Saint Antonino
  • Visit the ruins of the roman villa “Regina Giovanna” and soak in its unique view
  • Take a boat tour along the famous coastline and stop off in amazing Capri
  • Sample a Lemon delizia cake – our most famous dessert
  • Visit one of the inlaid wood workshops – a proud tradition of many Sorrentine families
  • Eat in one of the restaurants that sit on the sea front

cosa vedere a Sorrento

la raccolta di immagini dei luoghi più apprezzati

Chiostro di San Francesco

Attrazione Gratuita

Sedil Dominova

Centro Storico

Intarsio Sorrentino

Ancora presenti nel centro storico numerose botteghe arigiane

Museo Correale

Intarsi, Pitture e ritrovamenti archeologi

Regina Giovanna

Rovine di una villa di epoca romana

Basilica di Sant'Antonino

Santo patrono di Sorrento

Where to
in Sorrento

To eat well in Sorrento is practically a given, in an area 10k squared there are over 270 eateries: 3 of which have Michelin stars; “Il Buco”, “Terrazza Busquet and Lorelei Restaurant. But there are many more restaurants that specialize in gourmet cuisine, such as “O’Canonico” & “L’antica Trattoria”.
If you prefer to eat down at the sea shore – there is “Soul&Fish” or the very traditional “Trattoria da Emilia”. If you are looking for a menu with meat dishes and rich antipasto courses then head up the hills surrounding sorrento to “Agriturismo La Grottelle”.
The best pizza in town will be found at “Basilico” near Piazza Tasso. We also have a blossoming craft beer scene – you can try this at “La Bottega della Birra” accompanied by a selection of local cheeses.
If you are more a lover of wine, then head to “Fuoro 51” a great winebar offering wines from all over Italy. And for after, best Ice-cream “Raki” & the best limoncello at “Giardini di Cataldo”
Enjoy your meal!!

Where to eat in Sorrento

Local produce

tastes of Sorrento

Traditionally every Sunday, the Nonna (grandma) makes incredible dishes for all the family. My Nonna always made the most incredible pasta sauce, using pork which was perfect to use with the homemade Gnocchi. And in the month of March by Mother carefully peels the lemons that are ripe, to soak them in the alcohol that will become the Limoncello. All over Sorrento there are stores which make and sell fresh mozzarella on a daily basis. Also you should try the famous “Provolone del Monaco. The final touch of a Sunday Lunch is the Lemon Delizia Cake or the Rum Baba.


provolone del monaco

delizia al limone

Dove andare
di sera
a Sorrento

Nightlife is no restricted to the town centre here – but is spread out all over the peninsula. If you are looking for something that the locals love – both in summer & winter – try the piano bar “Filou” with live music most nights. During the summer months – one of the beaches is turned into an open air night club where you can dance under the stars, “BluNight”. You can also try “Guarracino” bar, by St Antonino’s church, offering great cocktails. “Il Fauno” night club offers a small but enjoyable club right in the heart of town. If you are feeling more adventurous head over to Positano where you will find “Music on the rocks” or further down the coast in the town of Praiano is “Africana” – both are amazing to look at as they have been carved out of the hills which make up the Amalfi Coast.

Want a recommendation….

Drop me an email and let you know how to really get the best out of your stay here in Sorrento.